Sunday 8 May 2011

Milton Keynes "England Is Ours" Website Incites Violence

Milton Keynes nationalists have used the "England Is Ours" website as a background source of ideology in recent months. In the wake of the election disaster for the far-right this week a post appeared on the site tonight that can only be interpreted as a strong and viscious incitement against the presence of minority ethnic communities in this country.

Time For Action Calling All Patriots!!!
The feud between different religious, ethnic and ideological groups in Britain has be simmering since the introduction of multiculturalism in the 1950 s.

Communities in the UK have been ripped apart by immigrants entering this country from the third world. People from uncivilised, uneducated and tribal regions of the globe have entered the UK and without a doubt increased crime ratesand influenced gangster culture such as pimping, violence and drugs over the last 15 years.

The statistics appear to back this up and the police appear either scared or powerless because of PC to take any measures to tackle this.

So the question is do we as British Patriots take the law into our own hands using violence by actively putting pressure on foreign criminals to leave the country??

Should they be executed immediately upon capture aswe don’t have the resources or money to accommodate them in the prison system??

Or be on the safe side, should all foreigners who have not been here for 3 generations be rounded up and taken to Dover where boats will be waiting to take them to a suitable country??

I believe its time for action and to draw a line in the sand.’ Freedom is earned with the blood of Patriots ‘ and i believe its the right social and economic conditions for true British people to unite and rid this pleasant land of the scum that’s been allowed to dominate our society for far to long now.. Diplomacy has failed..

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