Sunday 6 March 2011

Herts and Beds Sub-Regional BNP Organiser Resigns

It appears that the Griffin-supporting sub-regional organiser Danny Seabrook has resigned his post. A serial election failure, Seabrook had links with the only other Griffin-supporting unit in the 3 Counties - Kieren Trent's Bletchley group. This from Eddy Butler :

"I know hardly any of you will have heard of him, but I was interested to learn that the Herts and Beds Sub Regional Organiser Danny Seabrook has resigned. Mr Seabrook was ‘promoted’ to this position in the aftermath of wholesale sackings in Eastern Region last summer. There really isn’t a region left now, just a few units are struggling to exist. The Herts and Beds Sub Region now has two units compared to nine a year ago.

Danny Seabrook played a very poor role. He initially presented himself as an ultra supporter of me, ringing me at all hours (often in an emotional state) and he made extreme claims to other members about what was going on in the party. Then just as rapidly he switched sides and began spreading the most lurid accusations. I found this very disappointing and when people told me what he was doing and saying I initially refused to believe it."