Friday 5 June 2009

Central Beds Results - Dunstable Downs

Dunstable Downs
BATER, Wendy Anne The Labour Party 855
COLE, Peter Arthur United Kingdom First 856
FREEMAN, Paul Darryl The Conservative Party 1828 Elected
GATES, Lesley Elizabeth Liberal Democrats 775
GODFREY, Derek Esau National Front Britain for the British 423
GREEN, Tony The Conservative Party 2011 Elected
HEGLEY, Carole The Conservative Party 1664
KING, David The Labour Party 556
LARKMAN, David William Liberal Democrats 799
O'NEILL, James Kenneth The Labour Party 520
POINTER, Sally Francis Liberal Democrats 746
SHAW, Joy Amelia The Labour Party 557
WITHERICK, Ian Liberal Democrats 692
YOUNG, Nigel The Conservative Party 1855 Elected

Central Beds Results - Biggleswade

AUSTIN, Kevin British National Party 709
BRIARS, Bernard Victor The Labour Party 963
BURKE, Gregory Liberal Democrats 1060
CLIFF, Neil Liberal Democrats 850
CONNING, Dante Virgil Liberal Democrats 726
DENNIS, Allister James The Labour Party 714
GRAYSTON, Sheila Margaret The Labour Party 808
JONES, Maurice Richard The Conservative Party 2091 Elected
LAWRENCE, David John The Conservative Party 1989 Elected
LAWRENCE, Jane Gray The Conservative Party 1930 Elected
LESLIE, Chris Liberal Democrats 639
SKINNER, Rex The Labour Party 951
VICKERS, Peter Frank The Conservative Party 2157 Elected

Central Beds Results - Northfields


FREEMAN, Jeannette The Conservative Party 618 Elected
HEARTY, Michael Joseph The Labour Party 413
KEYES, Rod Liberal Democrats 258
MORGAN, Elaine Ann Liberal Democrats 244
MURRAY, Julian David Independent 755 Elected
ROSE, Shelley Birtish National Party - British Workers First 348
ROSS, Duncan The Labour Party 480
WARREN, Nigel Austin The Conservative Party 511

Central Beds Results - Houghton Regis

Houghton Regis

BRIDGEMAN, Steven British National Party - British Workers First 735
CHATTERLEY, John Anthony The Conservative Party 998
EGAN, Rita Liberal Democrat Focus Team 1650 Elected
GOODCHILD, Susan Anne Liberal Democrat Focus Team 1877 Elected
HARRIS-SMALL, Ruth The Labour Party 463
JONES, David John Liberal Democrat Focus Team 1628 Elected
MEAKINS, Beryl Mary The Conservative Party 279
MEAKINS-JELL, Claire Elizabeth The Conservative Party 799
ROCHE, Robert James The Labour Party 482
SLOUGH, Susan Elizabeth Ann The Labour Party 456
SWAISLAND, Peter Frederick The Conservative Party 746
TURNER, Roger Harold The Labour Party 444
WILLIAMS, Peter Liberal Democrat Focus Team 1553 Elected