Thursday 8 April 2010

Candidates Declared to Date In Beds, Bucks, Herts


• Bedford: Conservative: Richard Fuller; Labour: Patrick Hall; Lib Dem: Henry Vann; BNP: William Dewick

• Mid Bedfordshire: Conservative: Nadine Dorries; Labour: David Reeves; Lib Dem: Linda Jack; Green: Malcolm Bailey; UK Independence Party: Bill Hall

• North East Bedfordshire: Conservative: Alistair Burt; Labour: Edward Brown; Lib Dem: Mike Pitt; BNP: Ian Seeby

• South West Bedfordshire: Conservative: Andrew Selous; Labour: Jennifer Bone; BNP: Mark Tolman

• Luton North: Conservative: Jeremy Brier; Labour: Kelvin Hopkins; Lib Dem: Rabi Martins; Green: Simon Hall; BNP: Shelley Rose

• Luton South: Conservative: Nigel Huddleston; Labour: Gavin Shuker; Lib Dem: Qurban Hussain; Green: Marc Scheimann; UK Independence Party: Charles Lawman; Independent: Esther Rantzen; Independent: Stephen Rhodes; Independent: Joe Hall; Independent: Stephen Lathwell; BNP: Tony Blakey


• Aylesbury: Conservative: David Lidington; Labour: Kathryn Perera; Lib Dem: Steven Lambert; UK Independence Party: Christopher Adams

• Buckingham: Speaker: John Bercow; UK Independence Party: Nigel Farage; Independent: Patrick Phillips; Independent: John Stevens; BNP: Lynne Mozar; Independent: Geoff Howard

• Chesham and Amersham: Conservative: Cheryl Gillan; Labour: Anthony Gajadharsingh; Lib Dem: Tim Starkey; Green: Nick Wilkins; UK Independence Party: Jim Matthews

• Milton Keynes North: Conservative: Mark Lancaster; Labour: Andrew Pakes; Lib Dem: Jill Hope; Green: Alan Francis; UK Independence Party: Michael Phillips

• Milton Keynes South: Conservative: Iain Stewart; Labour: Phyllis Starkey; Lib Dem: Peter Jones; Green: Katrina Deacon

• Wycombe: Conservative: Steve Baker; Labour: Andrew Lomas; Lib Dem: Steve Guy


• Broxbourne: Conservative: Charles Walker; Labour: Michael Watson; Lib Dem: Allan Witherick; English Democrats: Debbie Lemay; BNP: Steve McCole

• Hemel Hempstead: Conservative: Mike Penning; Labour: Ayfer Orhan; Lib Dem: Richard Grayson; BNP: Janet Price

• Hertford and Stortford: Conservative: Mark Prisk; Labour: Steve Terry; Lib Dem: Andrew Lewin; BNP: Roy Harris

• North East Hertfordshire: Conservative: Oliver Healdl; Labour: Richard Henry; Lib Dem: Hugh Annand; Green: Rosemary Bland

• South West Hertfordshire: Conservative: David Gauke; Labour: Harinder Mann; Lib Dem: Christopher Townsend; BNP: Deirdre Gates

• Hertsmere: Conservative: James Clappison; Labour: Sam Russell; Lib Dem: Anthony Rowlands; Green: Arjuna Krishna-Das; BNP: Daniel Seabrook

• Hitchen and Harpendon: Conservative: Peter Lilley; Labour: Oliver De Botton; Lib Dem: Nigel Quinton; Green: Richard Wise

• St Albans: Conservative: Anne Main; Labour: Roma Mills; Lib Dem: Sandy Walkington; Green: Jack Easton

• Stevenage: Conservative: Stephen McPartland; Labour: Sharon Taylor; Lib Dem: Julia Davies; English Democrats: Charles Vickers; BNP: Robin Johnstone

• Watford: Conservative: Richard Harrington; Labour: Claire Ward; Lib Dem: Sal Brinton; Green: Ian Brandon; BNP: Dr Andrew Emerson

• Welwyn Hatfield: Conservative: Grant Shapps; Labour: Mike Hobday; Lib Dem: Paul Zukowskyj; Green: Jill Weston; Monster Raving Loony Party: Nutty Farrquha Perigrine Parker.

Saturday 3 April 2010

Exit of three top BNP officers confirmed

Following a report earlier today of the resignation of Emma Colgate from her post as BNP manager, the BNP has amended its national contacts spreadsheet. Absent are Colgate, Eddy Butler, the former national organiser and national elections officer, and Mark Collett, the former head of publicity.

The changes confirm the stories circulating on nazi web forums that the unpopular Collett has finally fallen out of favour. A BNP organisers’ bulletin circulated on 31 March referred to “financial irregularities and ‘scamming’ concerning the procurement of print, especially large election print run, leaflets and regular publications including Identity magazine”. It appears that Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, has finally accepted that there is substance to the long-standing accusations that Collett has been making a huge personal profit on the design and print procurement he carries out for the party.

Collett is also accused of leaking “sensitive party information” onto the internet and “feeding lies to certain anti-BNP blog sites”.

The organisers’ bulletin continues: “Earlier this week, the police were made aware of very serious allegations potentially affecting the personal safety of Party chairman Nick Griffin MEP and senior management/fundraising consultant James Dowson. Formal statements have now been made to the police, including by Mr. Griffin.”

Although the bulletin says it the party is “unable to provide any further details in order not to prejudice any resulting legal proceedings”, it goes on to announce that: “Mark Collett was conspiring with a small clique of other party officials to launch a ‘palace coup’ against our twice democratically elected party leader, Nick Griffin, and that in order to create the artificial climate of disillusionment necessary for this to stand any chance of success, lies and unfounded rumours have been spread, and were planned to be spread much further. Mr. Collett has therefore been relieved of all positions within the Party with immediate effect.”

As a result Collett’s Wikipedia entry was updated with incredible haste to state that he “was Director of Publicity for the Party before being suspended from the party in early April 2010”.

A second organisers’ bulletin calls on “regional organisers and key officials” to attend an “urgent briefing meeting” on Easter Monday, which “will cover recent events, urgent organisational matters, including a crucial update from our new National Elections Officer Clive Jefferson”. Jefferson, who only a few months ago was promoted to North West regional organiser, quietly replaces Butler in the national elections officer role. He is also one of the BNP officers fraudulently on the European Parliament payroll.

All this comes at the worst possible time for the BNP, five weeks before elections in which it hopes to win control of Barking and Dagenham council and get Griffin and Simon Darby, the party's deputy leader, elected to the House of Commons.

Collett stood trial alongside Griffin in 2006 on race hate charges and was acquitted. Although Griffin always stood by him, he knew Collett was a fool. “I constantly have to lecture Mark Collett about all sorts of things,” said Nick Griffin. “He is a pig ignorant man. Often it goes in one ear and straight out of the other.”

A few years ago Collett starred in a Channel 4 documentary called Young, Nazi and Proud, in which he said he would prefer to live in 1930s Nazi Germany than in today’s Britain. He also attacked Winston Churchill and the British Royal Family.

Friday 2 April 2010

Another EDL Supporter Jailed for Racially Aggravated Assault

A teenager found guilty of carrying out a racially aggravated assault when a mob went on a town centre rampage has been jailed for 16 months.

Kier McElroy, of Langford Drive, Luton, attacked an Asian man in a shop doorway in Chapel Street on May 24, 2009.

McElroy, 19, hit the man across the head with a placard he was holding.

On March 5 a jury at Luton Crown Court, decided McElroy was guilty of racially aggravated assault occasioning actual bodily harm on a Luton student.

He had earlier admitted assaulting the student, occasioning him actual bodily harm and a second charge of affray, which resulted from his actions that day.

CCTV images of McElroy taking part in the rampage
Speaking after the sentencing on Friday, Detective Sergeant Maz Wheeler said: “Officers from Bedfordshire Police painstakingly reviewed CCTV of this incident to ensure all evidence was put before the court and this successful prosecution was achieved.

“I hope the sentence given today serves as a lesson to anyone who gets involved in violent crime within our town.

“Any kind of violent or hate crime within our town simply is not acceptable and Bedfordshire Police will always pursue those who engage in such behaviour and bring them before the courts.”

Shelley Rose Election Address Nonsense

By far the most extreme out of the three election addresses. Rose hammers race again and again. Thanks to the insider who contacted us to say that she is "turning a bit bit loopy" - it appears it from this rant.

"I’m proud to be your Parliamentary candidate for Luton North. I am standing here to give local people a voice, so you can speak out against the establishment politicians who just don’t listen. Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems all say Luton is a ‘diverse’ town, I say Luton is a town divided. Mass immigration has turned Luton into a place where many people feel like foreigners in their own home town. It’s not racist to oppose political correctness and mass immigration – it’s commonsense. I am proud to stand for Christian values and not afraid to discuss the issues that matter to you – issues the other parties choose to ignore.The British National Party will put local people first. Whilst other parties have pandered to minority groups we will represent everyone, but ensure that the wishes of the majority are top of the list. After all, ensuring that those who have paid in are put first for housing, health care and pensions is only fair. A vote for me is a vote for fairness, commonsense and to put British people first."

Our Comment

"I am standing here to give local people a voice"
But she doesn't have a clue about Luton issues - she comes from across the County in Leighton Buzzard.

"Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems all say Luton is a ‘diverse’ town, I say Luton is a town divided."
The Community Safety Survey, in June 2009, showed that 82% of people believe Luton is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together.

"I am proud to stand for Christian values"
BNP values and Christian values don't mix. Last year the Church of England banned BNP members from becoming ministers. If elected, Rose would not let black people open churches in Bramingham or Wigmore.

"We will represent everyone, but ensure that the wishes of the majority are top of the list."
Rose wants a return to a whites-only Britain. Black and Asian people have lived here for years and are a welcome part of our town. The "wishes of the majority" have meant that the BNP has always had no success in elections round here.

"Ensuring that those who have paid in are put first for housing, health care and pensions is only fair."
The BNP would rather have us living in a South African apartheid-style society where people who have paid taxes for years come bottom of the queue - all because of their colour.