Monday 27 August 2012

Hoax London bomb accused was Stevenage BNP candidate

A Stevenage man accused of storming an office in central London - forcing the closure of one of the capital’s busiest shopping streets was a BNP candidate for the town at the last general election. Michael Green stood for the far right group in 2010 against borough council leader Sharon Taylor and town MP Stephen McPartland. He secured 1,007 votes.

BNP Candidate Green
The 48-year-old was charged with possession of a weapon, making a bomb hoax, false imprisonment and endangering life after police had a three-hour stand off with a man on Tottenham Court Road on Friday in which office equipment from an employment agency was launched from high-rise windows.

Green said on election day: “I strongly support bringing back corporal punishment, getting out of the EU because of the amount of money we are ploughing into it which could be used in this country, and stopping immigration. This country is clearly full up at the moment.”

Asked about extremism in his party, he said: “I think any party has extreme members in it - but that is not the majority. Most of the people who belong to the BNP are people like myself - people who have had enough of the three main parties. The main parties are not addressing immigration and people in the country are fed up of it."

Bedford BNP Supporter Jailed for Murder

BNP Supporter Folley
A BNP supporter – whose terrifying collection of knives included a swastikaembossed dagger – has been jailed for life for knifing to death a lost Indian man outside a flat in Bedford on Christmas night.

A judge told sheet metal worker, David Folley, 35: “You sliced his throat open as if you were killing an animal,” as he ruled that he must remain behind bars until he is at least 61 years old.

Sheet metal worker David Folley, 35, was convicted of murdering 36 year-old Inderjit Singh – known as ‘Raj’ to friends – in the early hours of Christmas Day 2010 and a judge at Croydon Crown Cout ordered that he must serve a minimum of 26 years behind bars before he can even be considered for parole. The court was told that the confused victim, described as a ‘quiet, calm, gentle, fun-loving man’ was looking for a pal’s address, but ended up outside Folley’s front door in Calshot Walk, Bedford and was stabbed to death on the landing. Above his body was an ominous sign the defendant had placed above his front door, which read: ‘Danger of Death. Keep Out.’ Police later found a bnp flyer displayed in the defendant's flat and seized a t-shirt, with the words ‘F*** off. We’re full’.

“Mr Singh had lost his way that evening, having come from a late-night carol service at his local church and tragically he ended up on your landing, somewhat the worse for wear,” said the Croydon Recorder, Judge Warwick McKinnon.

During the hearing Folley confirmed his bnp sympathies from the witness box, telling jurors: “I believe you should put British people first.” Officers seized three crossbows from his unkempt flat and a variety of other weapons, including baseball bats, swords and a rifle.

Prosecutor Stuart Alford said: “We say this defendant took a knife from his flat and cut the throat of Inderjit Singh, leaving him to die on the staircase of the block of flats.
“Folley had arrived home in the early hours, after an all-day drinking session during which he downed up to 14 pints, and murdered Mr Singh soon afterwards.

Saturday 25 August 2012

MK St George's Social Club - Apathy Rules

Milton Keynes nationalists have always had a strong social bond to complement their sporadic political activism. The St George's Social Club met in Emerson Park once a year and brought together supporters for a fairly harmless BBQ and bit of dressing up.

However, their conveynor has had more a more trouble getting people together in recent years and her frustration came to the surface in a recent communication with supporters.

"I am thinking of closing this group down..its a bit of a non starter and no one seems bothered to attend events....suggest events.....arrange events other than a select few..its saddens me really, but it is also perhaps a reflection on peoples general attitude in this country. ANYONE DISAGREE?????"

No-one did - it's history ....

Rump of Luton BNP Gather at May 2012 EDL March

Luton BNP in their "hey day" if you could call it that used to convene meetings of 100 people at the King Harry Pub with speakers such as Nick Griffin and Richard Edmonds. Of course 50 of those were Luton MIGS thta have now gravitated in the EDL. Organiser Peter Fehr (pictured left with his wife,) now meets a dwindling band of contributors on an occasional basis to collect donations. His round robin email to supporters shows no sign of activism, favouring instead a lame forwarding of Youtube links. Also pictured are the other 2 core activists Arthur Johnson (right) and Caddington Parish Council candidate in 2011 Steve Bridgeman.

Kieran Trent MK BNP Found Guilty

The former leader of the city’s BNP was ordered to carry out community service after he was found guilty of disturbing public order outside a former councillor’s house.
Kieren Trent was ordered to carry out 18 hours community service after harassing Mike Galloway, when he and fellow BNP members protested outside the former Councillor’s home in Wolverton.

Members of the BNP approached Mr Galloway, who was cabinet member for development at the time, because he had voted in favour of plans for a mosque to be sited at the former Plough pub in Bletchley.
Mr Trent, who told the court he was no longer a member of the BNP, was also ordered to pay Mr Galloway £500 in compensation and an additional £500 in legal fees.