Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mark Gerrard, St Albans BNP Candidate, "Too Busy to Interview"

A British National Party candidate, due to stand in London Colney and Colney Heath in next month's county council elections, has undergone training to enable him to speak to the press.
BNP member Mark Gerrard has been nominated in the Colneys division and will be on the ballot paper. Unfortunately, despite his training, his was this week unable to talk to the Review.
His opponents fighting for a seat on Hertfordshire County Council include Labour Party candidate Dominic Benson, Liberal Democrat's Chris Brazier, Green Party's Lucy Eggleston, and Tory Timothy Jones.
St Albans MP Anne Main said: "It's extremely disappointing that we have far right parties like this who only serve to bring out racial tension. "In an area like London Colney, which has a significant ethnic popultation, its politics are completely disreputable and I do hope people don't see the need to support it.
"Community relationships on the whole in St Albans are very good, exemplary in some cases, it's a real shame they feel they need to stand in areas such as ours.
"I really hope that people roundly reject them." Speaking about his controversial competitor, councillor Brazier added: "It's sad that people are still considering the BNP these days, it is an extreme political party.
"I think it's very difficult for the BNP to get its policies over without sounding extreme."
Labour councillor Martin Leach, who represents Batchwood ward, said: "I hope the election will concentrate on the real issues about the future of local services and not be side lined by racists and cranks."
Mr Gerrard, who is the only competitor within the Colneys Division living outside the district, did not respond to the Review's request for comment but his party colleague, BNP local spokesman Mark Fuller, said: "Like any BNP candidate he will be a strong voice for the local people in the community and will work hard within the framework of his office, should he be elected, for the benefit of all."
He added that it was party policy for all its member to undergo extensive training before talking to the press.
Hertfordshire County Council will go to the polls on June 4.

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  1. I am so glad the BNP are running this election in St Albans as I now can vote for them.

    I can tell you first hand the people of St Albans don;t agree with this web sites anti British sentiment and any of your pathetic demos will backfire.................